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About FIPS

 Директор ФИПС
Oleg Neretin

The Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) (Russian for «Федеральный институт промышленной собственности» (ФИПС)) is a nonprofit research organization, the federal government budgetary institution subordinate to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property – ROSPATENT.


  • Examination of international applications under PCT and Madrid systems

  • Examination of patent applications, consideration of applications related to renewal of exclusive rights, consideration of objections etc.

  • Examination of applications for registration of means of individualization, consideration of applications for designation of a trademark as well known in the Russian Federation, consideration of applications related to renewal of exclusive rights for means of individualization, consideration of objections etc.

  • Examination of applications for computer programs, databases and topographies of integral circuits, consideration of documents required under the legislation of the Russian Federation that are presented to registration of exclusive rights agreements and transactions involving the use of common technology outside the Russian Federation, drafting of relevant decisions

  • Maintaining Russian state registers on inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and service marks, appellations of origin, maintaining the list of well-known Russian trademarks, computer programs, databases, topographies of integrated circuits

  • Publication of official gazette containing registered patents, registered means of individualization, computer programs, databases, topographies of integrated circuits, filed applications

  • Library, bibliographic, reference, information and scientific-methodical services based on the state fund of patent documentation, and unified system of the automated data. Library, reference and information services on patent documentation are carried out by the All-Russian Patent and Technical Library.


September 29, 1955 – Establishment of the Committee on Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR Council of Ministers (hereinafter referred to as the Committee).

The Committee has provided a transfer of the State to a centralized state patent examination system.

July 22, 1960 – the Committee established an organization that on behalf of the State performed scientific and technical examination of the intellectual activity results – the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for the State Patent Examination later transformed to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS).

In the course of social and economic reforms, first in the Soviet Union and then in the Russian Federation laws on industrial property protection were adopted that changed the previous system: a single patent form of industrial property protection was introduced, protection by copyright certificates was abolished. These changes led to the expansion of activities of the Institute and significantly increased its status as an organization subordinate to Rospatent.

In the following years, the tasks entrusted to the Institute became more complex, its role and importance on the national scale increased. The fact that the Institute alongside Rospatent from the first days of its existence performed the functions of an IP Office, providing protection of intellectual property, remains unchanged.

The structure of FIPS comprises expert departments covering all fields of science and technology.

Chamber of Patent-Related Disputes considers objections against the examiners’ decisions related to all objects for IPRs protection.




Berezhkovskaya nab. 30-1, Moscow,
G-59, GSP-3, 125993, Russian Federation

+7 (495) 531-6318

For quiries:
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Business hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9:30 AM – 06:15 PM
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